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beadacious's Journal

27 April 1973
"I joined lj in February of 06, after getting bugged by my dear friends to join the pack. So here I am. I am a hospitality worker in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have one job at a very nice bistro, and my main job is at a marcobiotic bakery, tasty stuff. I am currently single, but things could change there at any given moment."

So that was way back in May and I think I'm now sufficiently hooked to give more info. I am no longer single, still working at the two jobs. I live with my sister right now, but that will change soon when she heads off to Japan. I have a black cat, who hasn't been bad luck for me at all. I am a voracious reader, and would have a house full of books if I had the space and money. I would love to travel more and am saving for my next trip; I'm thinking Spain. I make jewellery and other crafty things, am a loyal friend and generally a good person to have around for finding stuff to do.